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Who We Are

The Kanabec Broadband Initiative is an ad hoc group of community organizations that recognize the importance of broadband to the economic competitiveness of Kanabec County – our residents, businesses and institutions.


What We Want

We want Kanabec County to meet the statewide broadband goal of 25 Mbps to every home and business so that we can keep our community competitive with the rest of the state and attract people and jobs to our area.



KBI has provided education on Broadband services & issues, worked with local Internet providers to improve services, organized projects to bring high speed Internet and Wi-Fi to places like the Life Enrichment Center and St. Claire Living Community.


How You Can Help

Contact providers and tell them you need better broadband options. Tell your county commissioners and state legislators that you want the kind of broadband options that most people in other parts of the state have. Join us!


The Life Enrichment Center

The Eastwood Life Enrichment Center (LEC) is owned and operated by the HRA of Mora. The LEC hosts a variety of regularly scheduled events, as well as many educational opportunities made possible through partnership with other local agencies.The LEC is also available for use by public groups, private parties and businesses. Spacious, convenient parking, handicapped accessible and attractive décor make it a perfect place for your next get-together or business event. Through a Blandin Broadband Community grant, KBI outfitted the LEC with high speed Internet, interactive video conferencing and other multimedia systems.


The Launchpad – Telework Center

Located at 16 North Lake Street with the Mora Area Chamber of Commerce office, the Mora Telework Center, aptly named the “Launch Pad” features high speed Internet and unlimited data use, cubicles for a semi-private working environment. Computers also available to use- first come/first served – or you can bring your own. There is also a black and white printer available. Funding and labor to build the facility was provided through a Blandin Broadband Community grant as well as from the Mora Public Utilities Commission, and the City of Mora.


Additional Community Projects

KBI completed several projects as part of the Blandin Broadband Community program with a combination of community organization donations, in-kind support and the generous support of the Blandin Foundation. Projects included development of a community portal (, wi-fi installation at the St.Claire Living Community and on Mora school busses, social media, web development and Google training for business owners and community mapping on Google maps.

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Testimonials and Stories

The following testimonials and stories provide a glimpse of what has been accomplished by KBI and the impact the projects have had on our community.

“Charlotte” lives near Eastwood. She lives on a fixed income and can’t afford internet in her home. She comes to the LEC to access the high speed  wireless so she can skype and email her family and friends.


Tami attended website and social media training classes and said, “Great class! Such valuable information. Learned how to make the Internet and social media work for me. My business will never be the same.”

Tami Goley
business owner

Lonnie participated in the community mapping project and said, ” I’m hoping it will expand our business presence on the Internet. Regarding Google Plus, we already gained eight new followers on our very first day.”

Lonnie Ness
Business owner

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Who is KBI?

The Kanabec Broadband Initiative includes representatives of Mora & Ogilvie Public Schools, FirstLight Health SystemKanabec CountyMora Area Chamber of CommerceKanabec SystemsNeighborhood National BankCity of MoraEast Central MN Educational Cable Cooperative (ECMECC) and the East Central Regional Development Commission (ECRDC). Our goal is to educate about and discuss local broadband needs including how Kanabec County measures up to other MN counties in terms of broadband access, why broadband is important to Kanabec County residents and businesses, and what we can do to improve broadband access.

Kanabec County Economic Development

Welcome to Kanabec County; your new place to do business!  The County seat, Mora, is located at the crossroads of Minnesota State Highways 65 and 23 with Interstate 35 located seventeen miles to the east of Mora Industrial Park.  Did you know that Kanabec County is home to the annual Vasaloppet, the largest cross-country ski race in Minnesota?  Kanabec County is also home to Ogilvie Raceway and FirstLight Health System‘s Mora Hospital & Clinic, which is currently undergoing a large expansion project.  Call us today at 320-209-5031 and we’ll make it easy for you to join our thriving business community.

Mora Area Chamber of Commerce

The Mora Area Chamber of Commerce is an organization of business and community members working together in support of its membership…with an ongoing mission to create, promote and enhance a healthy business environment in Mora and Kanabec County.

City of Mora Community Planning

The City of Mora, Kanabec County, Minnesota, is located 72 miles north of Minneapolis and St. Paul at the intersection of Minnesota Trunk Highways 65 and 23. It is also 52 miles northeast of St. Cloud and 91 miles southwest of Duluth. Mora is the crossroads of East Central Minnesota.

ECMECC – Mora and Ogilvie Public Schools

ECMECC is 42,000 students, 2700 faculty/administrators and 2200 educational support staff from 14 member school districts and Pine Technical and Community College. ECMECC utilizes technology, information and communication tools to expand educational opportunities for students, staff and community members in East Central Minnesota and beyond. ECMECC was founded in 1983 to make great things happen for students. We still do

The Launchpad Telework Center

Life Enrichment Center

Social Media Training

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