Kanabec Broadband Initiative

Community Meeting Information

Community Meeting Information

The next community meeting will be held Thursday March 7th from 1:00pm to 4:30pm
Eastwood Senior Living Life Enrichment Center
170 Valhalla Circle - Mora, MN

This meeting will be a kickoff event to learn about Kanabec County's designation as a Blandin Broadband Community. It will be an opportunity for community leaders and residents to learn about the program, help assess our community's strengths and gaps as it pertains to broadband, and begin to identify projects that may be eligible for financial support through the program. We hope to stimulate ideas for projects as well as discuss potential projects already in the formulation stage. This meeting is open to the public! Please join us!

April 2011 community meeting

A community meeting, held on April 28th, 2011 was attended by over 50 Kanabec County citizens, local service providers, business leaders and others. Hear some of their comments and concerns in the video clips below.

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Broadband in Kanabec County - How do we measure up?

Minnesota's broadband goal is that each home will have access to high speed Internet, defined as 10 Mb, by 2015. Today, Kanabec County ranks as one of the worst counties in the state for broadband service. Only 60% of Kanabec County homes have access to broadband of 3 Mb or more while many rural counties already have over 90% broadband coverage.

Why is broadband important?

Broadband impacts all facets of life - economic development, education, health care, government, community life and entertainment. Without quality broadband, our ability to maintain and attract businesses and people will be limited. We need broadband to ensure future economic and community vitality.

What can we do?

Rural Minnesotans across the state are working to improve their broadband access. We are beginning that effort here in Kanabec County and your participation is critical to our success.

  • Learn more about the broadband situation in Kanabec County.
  • Share how the lack of broadband impacts your family, your business and your ability to access health care and education, conduct commerce and communicate.
  • Join us as we develop a plan to meet Kanabec County's current and future broadband needs